Our Public Response to The True Texas Project Controversy

Our Public Response to The True Texas Project Controversy

Recently, several articles published by Robert Downen and Juan Salinas II from The Texas Tribune sought to do damage to a True Texas Project event being held next month. Massey Campos and Mike Sonneveldt, from Self-Evident Ministries, are slated to be keynote speakers at the event, both before and after the breakout sessions.

This event, a 15-year birthday celebration, will host speakers covering several major topics. The themes of the break-out sessions include titles such as "Multiculturalism and the War on White America", "Great Replacement Theory", "The Case for Christian Nationalism", "Is Christian Zionism Biblical?", and more.

Of course, these topics make great fodder for those in the progressive camp. The issues are spicy enough to bait activist journalists and leaders of progressive groups to use all of the usual rhetoric against such lectures. Words like racist, xenophobic, white supremacist, white-identitarians, Christian Nationalists, and so forth become common focal points when trying to build a generalized identity of the event and its speakers. People believe that the labels become powerful artillery in a war of ideas.

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